Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stealing the baby Jesus

Somebody really wants coal in their stocking this year.

Three baby Jesus figures have disappeared from nativity scenes in Floresville. Floresville police believe the same person, or group of people, are behind all the crimes.

Homeowner Roy Madero told KENS 5 he's had his nativity scene for the past 15 years and there had never been any problems until now. He also says replacing the stolen piece will be difficult.

"They're hard to find and it's very frustrating because we go through all the efforts to decorate our homes, and then somebody comes by and walks off with it," Madero said.

(from KENS-5)

Watch out. Scrooges are on the loose southeast of here.

UPDATE: The Jesus thief returned them, after stealing a bunch more.

The missing baby Jesus mystery in Floresville came to a holy end on Christmas Day.

On Wednesday, 11 baby Jesus dolls were stolen from residents' front yards. Seems as though the crook had a sudden change of heart, because Friday afternoon, the dolls were found on the front lawn of the First United Lutheran Church.


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