Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Exotic dancers arrested during raid at strip clubs"

SAN ANTONIO – Eight exotic dancers and four managers are under arrest after a raid at a couple of local strip clubs. Investigators say workers at those businesses were breaking the law by performing without any clothing.

One woman tried hiding her face from News 4 WOAI’s camera as police led her to a patrol car. Detectives say that dancer is under arrest now for what she wasn’t hiding from her customers.

“We came in to do our inspection and found some girls dancing in an all-nude state,” said San Antonio Police VICE squad Lieutenant Andy Rodriguez.

Full- and semi-nudity is illegal at strip clubs in San Antonio.

(from WOAI-TV)

It is?

Semi-nudity is illegal in our great town? Don't we all -- all of us -- walk around in a state of semi-nudity at all times every day? I mean, unless you dress yourself in a burqa, some part of your body is not covered by clothing, so you are in a state of semi-nudity. It's just a matter as to what extent. And what about Splashtown? Swimming pools? Halloween? Do we really want our police to be arresting all women in skimpy clothing across the Alamo City?

Of course, you know what the solution to this problem would be. Have all the strip clubs change their designations to art houses, and then the ladies can dance naked all they want, call it performance art, and have the protection of the First Amendment.


Sabra said...

Well, I for one am relieved to hear this, as it's obvious absolutely nothing more important is facing the city. We must have finally solved that pesky murder problem, if we've got nothing better to do than go after women taking their clothes off in strip clubs.

Really, it's a shocking story. I was under the impression that when you went to one of these places you were served a warm cookie and milk.

AlanDP said...

They mean professional nudity. Just like prostitution. Get naked all you want, have sex with anyone you want--just don't do it for money because the State hasn't established a way of collecting permission fees (erroneously called "taxes") for doing that kind of business.

What puzzles me the most--since I have never been to a strip club--is how a club can be a strip club without nudity. Isn't that the whole point?

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Dave said...

No comment from Diane Cibrian?

Anonymous said...

Drugs are a problem, theft is a problem, bank robberies, my neighbors waking up to trucks on blocks or complete auto therft, muggings are a problem but seriously the dancers weren't even naked they were showing to much butt or boob so by all means let's send in SWAT and do a perp walk for these hardened criminals.... Our tax dollars hard at work!!!! this is not knocking law enforcement in any way I give props to those who protect and serve but this is not protecting or serving the greater good as far more crimes and hardened criminals get way less harsh treatment and manpower spent on them!!!!

Anonymous said...

So, as I often say, " what are we going to do about this?" The ordinances are ridiculous. You can be topless with pasties on that look like nipples. you can wear nude colored, not even so short shorts, that make you look bottomless. Most are single mothers trying to pay for life and a roof over their childrens heads. Yes, we can into the drug use and prostitution that often go hand in hand with strip clubs but that's not the topic here. as long as there is no true separation of religion and state we will continue to waste already thin police resources. The bible thumpers just seem to have a louder voice and more time to protest, harass and poll(pole?) than the real majority of how San Antonio feels. But just to get it straight, you can wear a thong and two little triangles on an open beach but you cant show breasts, excuse me, womens breasts, in an enclosed, adult oriented establishment. It seems everytime I argue that San Antonio is a progressive, trying to keep up with the times kinda city, something like this makes me look like the uninformed ignorant fool. So San Antonio, what do we do?