Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pantsless home invader

This guy must have been on drugs. Because the thought of broken glass anywhere near my lower half would convince me to keep my pants on.

SAN ANTONIO – A man accused of stripping off his pants and breaking into a family’s Northeast Side home is under police watch at a local hospital.

A family at Covina Plaza Apartments says the man broke through their glass window and tried snatching a 7-month-old baby who was resting in an area a few steps away from the window.

“He was saying that the baby was somebody else’s baby,” the child’s aunt Babi Loredo told News 4 WOAI.

Loredo’s brother quickly tackled the man and tried restraining him until police showed up, but said it was tough. Family members said the intruder reacted in a wild manner, breaking everything in sight.

It took more than a dozen police officers to hold the man down and take him into custody.

(from WOAI-TV)


Dave said...

What a freak. That's a lot of cops to subdue one guy. You know, since the guy was pantless already, couldn't someone have just grabbed him by the huevos and made him squeal?

Albatross said...

Who knows? Maybe the brother was doing just that while trying to subdue him and the guy was so strung out he couldn't feel his stones getting crushed.

But I agree with you. If some dude was breaking into my house and trying to steal my baby, I'm going to be punching and pulling and kicking whatever body part is at hand to take that guy down, especially exposed testicles (assuming, of course, there's not a 9mm within reach).