Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Trashy yard"

Bad day to be a neighbor on the Northwest Side of town.

Keith Menefee would like to sell his northwest side home but he says his neighbor is making that impossible. For the past 18 months Menefee's neighbor, Robert Blankenship has turned his own yard into a salvage yard. Blankenship has been "scraping." Not the kind you put in a book. The kind where you gather scrap metals, sort them then take the valuable scrap to a recycler. Blankenship's yard is littered with old bar-b-que pits, swing sets, shelving almost anything of any scrap value.

Menefee began complaining to Code Compliance in April of 2008. Since then the city has gone to municipal court and district court , and won cases ordering Blankenship to clean up. Despite the court orders, the mess continues. So this past Monday Blankenship's attorneys and San Antonio attorneys met and reached a settlement.

(from KENS-5)

Bonus strangeness: KENS-5 without Chris Marrou.

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