Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Teacher Charged With Indecent Exposure"

A special education teacher, at that.
A 54-year-old Southwest Independent School District special education teacher was arrested after he exposed himself to an undercover police officer, San Antonio police said.

After an officer spotted Lewin Bramwell acting suspiciously at Olmos Park on Tuesday afternoon, an undercover officer was dispatched to the park, said Officer Matthew Porter, a spokesman with the San Antonio Police Department.

Moments after the undercover officer initiated a conversation with Bramwell, the suspect exposed himself to the officer, Porter said.

(from KSAT-12)

What compels these guys to do this, even though they know it is a "mistake," as the suspect admitted in the article? Is it the thrill of possibly getting caught? Because, if it is, that just doesn't square with the actual penalties that will be paid if they do get caught. Jail and a lifetime of registering as a sex offender don't seem like acceptable risks to me.


Dave said...

I suspect this guy is wishing it was safe to go to that bookstore over on Fischer Road for a little exposure about now, but of course, police push the pervs from someplace where they can do what they do behind closed doors, away from the public, and instead, right back into the park.

Here's a thought; if you just must do this sort of thing, why not get on CraigsList, meet a "friend" and then go to a motel or someplace not so public? Geeze.

libraaztec said...
Here is a book where a guy like the public peepshow dude explains the head trip that goes on when they 'dare' to do this kind of stuff. (^_^) This crazy world. You're right, Albatross. Thinking about the consequences has stopped me from doing all sorts of stuff. (^-^*)