Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oddest place for a PSA

If you are the police department, and you want to get a public service announcement out that's seasonal and topical, you might want to rethink just repeating it mindlessly in every news story involving the police.
Glass littered the residential streets of the Cherry Hills and Eastwood Village neighborhoods near Martin Luther King Jr. Park Sunday.

"Kids just don't have anything to do when they're off, I don't know," said Earl Gibson, a victim of the vandalism.

Police said the vandals are believed to be young people, possibly teenagers. Officers said they shot out the windows of a couple dozen cars and trucks on several different streets.


Police said the vandals did not steal anything but rather shot out the windows just to be destructive. Officers also reminded people never to leave valuables in sight to prevent vehicle burglaries, especially during this time of your [sic] when you're shopping. [emphasis added]

(from KSAT-12)

Oh yeah, and don't do drugs.

Seriously, the effectiveness of PSAs just goes out the window if you spout them at inapt times. Moderation, please, even in messages to the public.

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