Monday, November 16, 2009

"More Than 5,000 Rape Kits Untested By SAPD"

This doesn't sound right.
Sitting in the San Antonio police department's evidence storage room are nearly 11,000 rape kits. Almost half have never been tested.

While a number of those cases involve known assailants, an alarmingly high number involve unknown suspects.

"We were not aware that there were stranger cases that hadn't been tested," said Rape Crisis Center CEO Lynn Blanco.

Following a recent meeting with police chief William McManus, that policy is changing.

(from KSAT-12)

I'll bet that policy is changing. I know media outlets can distort the picture and show you what they want you to see, but 5,191 rape kits sounds like a lot to be sitting around without ever having been analyzed. And I'm sure the police chief will scramble to get them done just to save face.

The bad news? Each analysis costs about $450 to get done, so we're looking at over $2.3 million of taxpayer money to get those rape kits tested. That's a big unexpected expense at a time when the City of San Antonio is facing budget difficulties.

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