Thursday, July 02, 2009

We're number 2!

And someday we will be number 1 in sweat!
The truth is in the pits. After An [sic] eight-year study conducted by Old Spice, Phoenix, Arizona was deemed the "Undisputed Sweatiest City."


But, Texas had a big turnout in the study. Seven Texas cities made it into the Top 20 All-Time Sweatiest Cities. San Antonio came in at No. 2 (obviously the study was concluded before the current heat wave) Dallas was No. 4, Houston No. 5, El Paso, No. 13, Waco No. 15, Austin No. 16 and Corpus Christi, No. 19. [parenthetical in original]
(from KENS-5)

Previously San Antonio was ranked fifth and sixth place on the Old Spice list. Someday, someday we will be on top. If we just believe.

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