Monday, July 20, 2009

A snarling pack at the Alamo

Do you think I mean this?
The Alamo, a revered home of Texas' fight for independence, is caught up in a modern-day clash over money, power and publicity.

Three of its top managers have quit since May, including the director who says the shrine's private guardians thwarted plans to bolster the Alamo's financial stability – which relies mostly on gift store sales.

David Stewart, who abruptly retired two months ago after seven years as director, said leaders of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas – longtime caretakers of the San Antonio landmark – suffer from a lack of business savvy that hinders decision-making and stalls innovations.
(from KENS-5)

Or do you think I mean this?
A pack of dogs caused a ruckus downtown at Alamo Plaza Saturday morning. Two rottweilers and a shepherd mix were roaming free near the city's busiest tourist destination. One of the dogs then attacked a 54 year old man, biting him on the arm. Officers had to improvise to capture the dogs before they attacked anyone else. Officers used their bicycles to coral the dogs, while using dog food to lure them into a police wagon.
(from KABB-29)

You decide.


Sabra said...

Honestly, I saw the headline & I thought about the first story. The second's kinda scary though. I don't think I've ever seen a stray dog downtown.

Albatross said...

Me either. Loose dogs aren't a common sight downtown. But I like the image of a group of bike cops trying to corral a pack of dogs! That could be a replacement for the "herding cats" expression.

AlanDP said...

Wow, dangerous dogs not only in the tourist area, but THE tourist area. We should expect the **** to hit the fan fairly quickly now.

Texana Staff said...

I'll bet they "corralled" the dogs, since coral grows in the ocean.

Albatross said...

Huh. Good catch. I didn't even notice the "coral" misspelling in the story. I was so swept up by the image I missed the words!