Friday, July 31, 2009

Too hot for Big Brother

The San Antonio Police Department tried out surveillance cameras that were meant to keep an eye on hot spots in downtown. While the cameras could be seen as a Big Brotherish move by the city, it turns out that our brutal, scorching summers are just a bit too warm for the eye in the sky.

Even though a 90-day trial period for the San Antonio Police Department's downtown cameras is ending this month, authorities acknowledge the cameras aren't working properly, while at least one has been removed.

Administrators cite extreme heat and slow Internet connections — among other issues — as the cause of the malfunctions.

What's more, many downtown officers have stopped watching surveillance footage, and the task of keeping an eye on the monitors has been assigned to a desk officer who watches sparingly.

(from the Express-News)

That's OK with me. Given the choice of having cameras watching public streets or of putting officers out on patrol in full view of the public, give me the man on the beat any day.

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