Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Smelly Situation Goes Up In Smoke"

Here's a prank that went bad.
Two children escaped from a house fire on San Antonio's north side after witnesses said a flaming bag of excrement was thrown at their home.

The fire started early Thursday afternoon when one of the children, Joseph Gonzalez, said he noticed something with a bad smell, followed by an explosive sound at his home on the 12000 block of Stoney Crossing near McAllister Park.

"I was on my computer and I was just playing a game on it, and I smelt something really bad, I heard a big boom and I heard my mom's wind chimes going crazy," he said.

When he went outside to check, Gonzalez said he saw a burning bag of excrement that he been thrown at the home.

"It was bubbling and stuff, and it smelled really nasty," he said.

San Antonio Fire Arson investigations said the scene appeared to be suspicious in nature and would investigate what specifically caused the fire.
(from KSAT-12)

"Appeared to be suspicious in nature." A burning bag of shit. You don't say.

Oh, by the way, pranksters, you're supposed to leave it on the porch and ring the doorbell instead of throwing it at the house. That's the way it's usually done. Luckily no one was hurt, but the home did suffer some serious damage.

UPDATE: The Express-News reports that the poop story is just that, a story.

“Flaming poo is out,” said Melissa Sparks, spokeswoman for the San Antonio Fire Department. “It was definitely not flaming poo.”

Arson investigators said they found no evidence of anyone throwing a bag of dog feces at the house in the 12000 block of Stoney Crossing. They continue to investigate the fire, although they expect to rule it as an accidental fire.

I bet the investigators turn their attention to those children at home.


Kels said...

I guess they've never seen the old 80's movies where they've done this... Or Disturbia...

Albatross said...

You know, I don't know anyone personally who has either done this prank or had it done to them. It's always a "friend of a friend." Now that the arson investigators have ruled out a burning bag of poop, I'm beginning to wonder if the whole prank -- and all of its attendant history -- is nothing more than an urban legend.

Has anyone else personally seen this done?