Thursday, July 02, 2009

Making it easy for the police

When deciding which convenience store to rob -- especially if it's just for beer and smokes -- make sure it's one where they don't know you.
On Monday night around 10:30, a store regular known to the clerks as "el diablo" walked into JP's Qwik Stop in Seguin. He got the attention of only one of the two clerks, and raised his shirt revealing the handle of a weapon. The clerk said the suspect told him, "I'm gonna kill a (expletive) in here."


Seguin police say they know exactly who "el diablo" is, and they're very close to making an arrest.
(from KENS-5)

This reminds me of a previous story, one which I had neglected to comment on earlier.

Two bandits backed their truck into a convenience store to bust through the door. But it's what they stole that has the owner scratching his head.

"You would be amazed by what they took," said Sammy Rana, the owner of the "Shop N Go" on South New Braunfels near Southcross. "They took a case of beer and cigarettes. No money!"


The good news for Rana: in CCTV video, the thieves can be seen clearly. They didn't wear disguises, nor did they bother to wash off the "for sale" sign or the phone number on the window of their vehicle.

(also from KENS-5)

Some crooks just beg to be caught.

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