Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Packing and stacking

While out shopping at your favorite grocery store, have you ever run out of room in your cart? If you have a large family (or come from one), you'll know that a trip to the store can often require two carts and at least another competent adult or older child to help you steer those brimming vehicles to the checkout lines.

And then, after seeing the following photograph, you will realize you are an amateur.

I can see a suitcase, a milk crate, a fishing pole, hose sections, what looks like part of a bed headboard, many bags of various shapes and sizes, and perhaps Waldo. And that's just what I can see on this side!

Next time, see if you can get out of the store with just one full cart!


Brian said...

Hey man, that's somebody's house!

Dave said...

Hey man, that's somebody's house!

Dude! That's my house!