Monday, April 20, 2009

Going berserk during Fiesta

Point to remember: Fiesta is for fun, not fighting. And certainly not shooting.
SAN ANTONIO -- A fight led to a shooting and then a stand-off just outside a Fiesta event Sunday night. The shooting happened in Brackenridge Park and was the first violent crime this Fiesta season. Fiesta organizers hope it's the last.

Police say 19-year-old Mark Outing fired a gun near the zoo as thousands of people were peacefully leaving the "Taste of New Orleans" event.

The shooting was triggered by a fight on the street.

News 4 WOAI's Demond Fernandez was there and witnessed the fight. He said he saw a group of women beating each other up in the middle of the streets. He then heard several gunshots and saw dozens of people running for cover.

Police say Outing jumped a man he spotted taking pictures, grabbed his camera, and then broke into the zoo to hide out. S.W.A.T. officers caught up with Outing and arrested him.
(from WOAI-TV)

Keep calm, people. We sure don't want a repeat of this.


Matt Stigliano said...

As I was passing through the crowds at Oyster Bake, we came upon a particularly nasty fight between a few girls. The one girl was so drunk she could barely stand, but she wanted blood. From what we gathered as we tried to side step it all, there was a guy involved and there was a bit of a love triangle.

Its sad, you put a lot of people in one place, add alcohol, and simmer for a few hours and you always wind up with something like this. I hate to sound all Rodney King about it, but "can't we all just get along?"

Albatross said...

The worst girl fight I ever saw was at a concert, and there were several involved. It was more like a rumble. I tell you what, you get some mean girls in a group and give 'em a grudge to gnaw on and you'll see some fightin' to set your hair on end.