Sunday, April 12, 2009

Car crashes into house

The crashing may be picking up as the cars renew their carnage.
SAN ANTONIO - An unlikely series of events made for a wild night for several people on the west side after a purse snatching triggered a car chase, and then a crash into a home. News 4 WOAI's Ryan O'Donnell investigated how witnesses helped police catch two teenagers.

The car that damaged [Julio Mendoza's] home was actually forced off the road after getting hit by [a] vehicle fleeing from a crime scene. Brittney Medellin, 17, and Albert Delgado, 18, were speeding through the west side neighborhood.

“They turned off their lights and started running stop signs,” explained Officer Joe Rios from the San Antonio Police Department.

Officer Rios said the teenagers were speeding away after robbing a young lady at the H-E-B just around the corner. They were also being chased by a couple of guys who saw the robbery and wanted them to stop.

(from WOAI-TV)

The fence -- which looks relatively new -- is a goner, too.

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