Thursday, April 02, 2009

Car almost crashes into house

This hasn't happened in a while.
A driver loses control and crashes through a fence, stopping just inches from a home. The wreck left an emotional scene for a mother who says this isn't the first time a car has come crashing into their yard and threatened their lives.
(from KABB-29)

I guess, technically, the car didn't actually crash into the house. But it looks like fence-crashin' is back!


Shorty said...

I was just wondering as I was doing my blog reading if there were any new crashes into houses/etc on SinSA. I'm just surprised some of that stuff doesn't happen more often.

Albatross said...

There's been a dry spell of cars crashing into houses, that's for sure.

Or maybe, just maybe, the crashes are happening and no one's reporting them! Conspiracy, or chupacabra? You decide!

Dave said...

Perhaps a Chupacabra driving the car might help explain hitting the fence but not quite making it to the house.