Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Random photo art selection ?

Here is a strange enough story from WOAI-TV:

Bexar County commissioners, San Antonio council members and mayors in surrounding towns all got the same email threatening their lives.

The writer of the email claims to be a contract killer who is getting paid to kill the person receiving it. It says things like "My men are monitoring you..." and "Someone wants your whole family dead."

County Commissioner Kevin Wolff was one of dozens of local leaders who received the email Friday. All of them are board members of the Alamo Area Council of Governments. But Wolff says he doesn't know why they were all targeted by the email.

Bexar County Sheriff's say the email is a phishing scam out of Nigeria.

Odd enough, sure. It was even a story on WOAI last year. But what's stranger is the choice of photo art to illustrate the story. Here is a screen cap:

What? Death threat spam is being sent to local political leaders and the best WOAI could do was post a generic picture of hands on a keyboard with a totally unsuitable caption from another TV station?

It must be sweeps month.


Dave said...

Say it isn't so, Kim!

Stacy said...

Good eyes to notice the caption of the picture.