Monday, March 23, 2009

"Chupacabra or hairless wild pig?"

WOAI-TV has finally picked up on the furor over the chupacabra/mangy coyote that has been spotted running around the Northwest Side of San Antonio. Oddly enough, WOAI is the only source I have seen so far that doesn't consider this animal might be a canid of some sort and instead speculates that it might be a pig.
NORTHWEST SAN ANTONIO -- Jaime Garcia sent the photo of a strange-looking animal. Immediately, the image of a (mythical?) chupacabra leaps to mind.

Garcia says he took this photo about eight months ago. He and his boss have seen the animal since then as well. At the time of the photos, Garcia says it was about as large as a "medium-sized dog." In profile, the creature's head is shaped a bit like a horse's.

Garcia wrote to News 4 WOAI that “...the nose looks like a pig. Heis hairless on most of his body... except on the spine he has the hairof a wild pig (javalina).”


Pig or “goat sucker?” Take a look at the slideshow and you decide.
WOAI's slideshow is here.

For the record, I think it's a mangy coyote. But that doesn't mean you can't put it on a T-shirt!


Dave said...

Slow news day? I think it is funny that the guy took the pictures 8 months ago and several other news outlets (and blogs) have covered the poor little coyote/chupacabra/javelina extensively, for at least a month or two, right? WOAI is just now getting in on the fun I guess.

Kels said...

hahaha Okay, so I must admit after looking at the closer pictures it DOES appear to have a pig nose... and the back is shaped more like a wild pig's than that of a dog/coyote. WEIRD. I still say print the tshirts!

Albatross said...

Plus, the WOAI slideshow is just lame. It's really just the same two pictures cropped in different ways.