Saturday, March 28, 2009

Making it easy for the police

Picking up hookers in San Antonio is getting more difficult and costing the johns more.
A bizarre chain of events led police to a home on the city's west side where at least two people had been held against their will.

Police said it all began when a man in his 50s picked up a woman he thought was a prostitute early Friday morning. According to police, she brought the man to a home at 1139 Lombrano St., where police said he was beaten, tied up, and robbed by three men.

"They robbed him of his car keys, ATM [card], got his pin number, and while he was tied up inside, went and took some money from his ATM," said Officer Joe Rios with the San Antonio Police Department.

Sometime during the night, the victim was able to free himself, run from the house and call police for help.

"The officers went to the location, found two suspects Friday morning, asleep," Rios said.
(from KSAT-12)

Sometimes the bad guys almost turn themselves in. Think about it: These thugs concoct a scheme where they kidnap a woman (revealed later in the story), force her to pose as a prostitute, and then lure at least one man back to a house where they beat and rob him. But they fail in epic proportions when, first of all, they bring the guy back to their own house! And then, while they are gone cleaning out the john's accounts, the man escapes, and when they return they do not consider, Hmm, that guy may go to the police and report what we have done. Perhaps we should go on the run. Instead they think, Hmm, that guy escaped. Oh well, we've got his money, and I'm tired. Let's go to bed.

I'm just glad the police took the john's story seriously.


Dave said...

Brilliant. They ought to offer a course at the Alamo Colleges for criminals. You know, Kidnapping 101 or something like that.

Albatross said...

Maybe they did, and the guys just failed it!