Friday, March 13, 2009

"Woman 'In Pain' Arrested In Meth Seizure"

If you wish to go into the drug trade, perhaps you might want to make sure you're in good health first.
A neighbor concerned about a woman who sounded as if she was in pain appears to be the key to police making an arrest and large seizure of money and methamphetamine early Thursday morning.

San Antonio police arrested a 52-year-old woman from her home at the Enclave Apartments at 1550 Jackson Keller Road after finding about $250,000 in cash, seven ounces of meth and a gun, investigators said. Some of the drugs and money were packed into small bags, they said.

The woman, apparently a diabetic, was on probation for possession of drugs with the intent to deliver and felony possession of a firearm, said SAPD Chief Bill McManus. One of the woman's neighbors called for help when she thought she heard sounds of somebody in pain, McManus said.
(from KSAT-12)

If she goes to prison, at least she will have access to health care, thanks to the taxpayers.

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