Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your city government at work

Our fine San Antonio city councilmembers want to get re-elected. Or do they?
SAN ANTONIO -- Lourdes Galvan's signs are up all over District 5, but it might be all for naught. Her application for city council is being questioned. News 4 WOAI obtained a copy of her application to run for city council before it was altered. In small writing it says ‘District 3’ and not ‘District 5.’

And in the revised version the number ‘3’ is crossed out and the city clerk's, Leticia Vacek, initials are next to it.

Vacek admits “that was my error. It was not the candidate's error. It was a clerical error.”

Because the lettering is so small on this portion of the application, Vacek says Galvan asked her to help out. And when the mistake was pointed out to Vacek about a week after it was filed, she called the Texas Secretary of State's office.
(from WOAI-TV)

Really, if you were running for elected office -- especially re-election! -- wouldn't you pay just a bit more attention to your paperwork? Why would you leave it up to a city employee to fill out the papers for you? Or do you think she thought it was the city manager's contract and was waiting for Justin Rodriguez to read it?

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