Thursday, March 05, 2009


On Tezel Road!

Chuck McCollough of the Express-News reports:

As I drove out of my Northwest Side neighborhood around 4 p.m. Thursday I saw a group of neighbors staring at something a short distance away.

They kept their distance for good reason. It appeared to be a mange-covered coyote, and it was roaming the area just as school children headed home in the Tezel Road area.

Look at the photo and see what you think it is.

Some might think it is a chupacabra! T-shirts, anyone?


Kels said...

CHUPACABRA!!! Let's print up the T-shirts!!! :-D

Albatross said...

Don't let the Cuero lady know!

Cuerogirl said...

Hey, I'm from Cuero! I was coming home from HEB and I saw the chupacabra too. I took a picture with my phone to prove to people what I really saw and to convince myself I really saw it. I do own a "Summer of the Chupacabra" t-shirt from Ms. Canion in Cuero, and when I wear it I can say I've seen this odd creature.

Albatross said...

Hey, Cuerogirl! Do you have a picture of that shirt? I'd like to see what it looks like. If you like, you can send it to my gmail address at the bottom of all the stuff in the right hand column.

Cuerogirl said...

Here's the website to Ms. Canion's shop and all the Cuero Chupacabra info. It's way better than just a picture of my grey t-shirt. I see that she has new colored shirts now and also long sleeves.

Albatross said...

Always have to give them reason to come back for more, Cuerogirl.