Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saving the deer to their ruin

As KSAT-12 reports, Hollywood Park has a deer problem.

It seems that some residents of this San Antonio suburb like to keep the deer around. But deer overpopulation can cause its own problems, not least of which is an actual danger to people.

In years past, city officials tried netting the deer, and while the city chose a more humane method this year, some residents said they are still angry.

Some said they don't want the deer in their back yards; others said they want them left alone.

"They had to remove some. They had to because we'd be elbow to elbow with deer if they hadn't," said Hollywood Park Human Society president Cherie Emick.

Emick has long fought to keep the deer, but now she said she realizes too many could be dangerous for drivers.

But, of course, there's resistance.

[Police Lt. Joe] Quintero said trappers tranquilize at night because residents against deer removal don't interfere with them, and he said it's safer.

"At night, there's less traffic and less chance of the animal and any of the citizens getting hurt," he said.

Officials have to work at night because there's less interference from the deer lovers, interference with their official duties. I know none of the deer lovers will actually listen to me, but their intentions (good or otherwise) could actually kill some of the deer they're trying to save, and it could result in loss of human life. I don't see why they can't agree on a reasonable reduction of the population.


Dave said...

I hope this doesn't appear insensitive, but if the deer are to be removed anyway, I'd love to get a batch of venison jerky.

Albatross said...

Or smoked sausage.