Monday, November 05, 2007

"Man Blown Off Sailboat"

A man was blown off his homemade sailboat and ended up in the drink at Woodlawn Lake, as WOAI reports:

"I wasn't worried about it. It happened real slow. When the boat went sideways, I knew it was going to flip over," said Gorge Gonzalez, the man involved in the accident.

Gonzalez was wearing a lifejacket.

He managed to swim with the boat to the lighthouse where firefighters rescued him.

That must have been a dinky sailboat.

Anyway, what's strange is that this guy seemed to need a lifejacket. And seemed to need to swim and be rescued. I remember they drained that little lake recently to dredge it. At the time, I thought that it looked very shallow, and that someone might be able to stand upright in it and actually be fine. And, looking at these pictures, I seem to remember it correctly.

And here's a couple of pictures with the lighthouse that the man took refuge on in the background.


Anonymous said...

if you think that lake is shallow try getting in then write back and and tell us how shallow it is and since you seem to be very miss informed you have to were alife jacket it is the law as for the word dinky that sounds like an opinion you know nothing about me or boat building I suggest you pay a little more attention to words not everybody lives in your little mind

Albatross said...

Anonymous 12:29, are you the Mr. Gonzalez in the story? If so, then how deep is Woodlawn Lake? As I said, I remember seeing it half-drained, and it did not look very deep at all. If you assert that it is, then tell me how deep.

Regarding the life jacket, if that is the law, even if you are boating on a "lake" such as Woodlawn, then you have just educated me.

As for the word "dinky," yes, that is my opinion. The story said you swam to the lighthouse, and that you pulled the boat with you as you swam. That sounds like a rather small sailboat to me, one I might characterize as dinky. But, if you prefer, I will just call it "tiny."

Oh, and as you might be able to tell from the previous paragraph, I do pay attention to words. And, I'm glad not everybody lives in my mind. It would get quite crowded in there if they did.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

no body of water is even at any point not even a swimming pool how ever woodlawn lake is deep in some places only small boats are allowed in woodlawn lake and no motors the word dinky does not discribe size you should report things as they are don't ad on anything if you don't know what you're talking about it only makes you look bad i got a lot of angry remarks about you from some of my boating friends i've even had offers to sue you