Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hot pepper!

Chris Marrou of KENS-5 takes a bite of the hottest pepper on earth. Kinda dorky, but still good for a laugh.

Best line:
"It's real snot, too!"


Dave said...

Of all the goofy things they have been hyping, this one was at least true to the ads. He really did eat the pepper and it really was hot.

The goofiest - all the hype over Sarah Lucera being a an ace in the cockpit. The reality is, she took one of those 30-minute orientation flights. I didn't see her shoot anyone down and more importantly, she didn't join the mile-high club (at least on camera).

Albatross said...

She may not have joined the club, but she was in the cockpit. :-)

Shorty said...

Everyone was asking me if I had seen this and of course I had, because I see KENS in the morning and KSAT in the evening and WOAI not if I can help it. I liked how at first he thought it was okay and then it hit him and he swilled down the milk so fast it was spilling down his shirt. One of the guys at work asked me why would he do that when he didn't have to.