Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Leaving the neighbors in the dark for the sake of pot

If you live in an apartment and you notice there have been a lot of unexplained power surges and losses, you just might have a pot-grower for a neighbor.

KENS-5 explains [emphases added]:

Police have arrested one person after power surges at a North Central San Antonio apartment complex sparked suspicion. Officers say the person was using all the electricity, possibly to grow marijuana.

Investigators said maintenance workers at the Ashley Oaks Apartments, in the 16400 block of Henderson Pass, called police after residents had been complaining of power problems.

On Wednesday, undercover narcotics officers pulled the plug on the operation.

"They used electrical cords to rig up, and possibly to grow, where they're growing marijuana plants. Unfortunately, this guy's not an electrician," said an undercover officer, whose identity KENS 5 is protecting.

That dude must have had quite a setup. Although I'm not sure why the officer would say "possibly to grow". Were there no plants in the ground? He was using "all the electricity", after all, so he must have been doing something. A search warrant has been issued, though, and I wonder what they will find.

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Anonymous said...

You know what they say: The north side of town is really growing! Maybe the grass is "greener" there, and obviously this guy was "generating" good income.

Henderson Pass... hmmmm, probably takes a ton of wattage to power the grow lights necessary for a bumper crop of weed to supply all those needy, poor litte rich kids at nearby Reagan High School!

Bluntly put, this entrepreneur did some extensive demographics feasibility research before setting up shop in his apartment in that locale.