Sunday, November 11, 2007

"After Crash, Man Tries to Switch Spots with Unconscious Passenger"



A man was driving too fast, when he lost control, and crashed into a drainage ditch. He was trying to exit on General Mcmullen at Highway 90.

But then, after the wreck, witnesses say the man tried to switch places with an unconscious woman in the passenger seat.

Guess what? He was drunk.



Dave said...

I suspect this little switcharoo takes place more often than we know. Usually, it happens when the drunk guy crashes into a house though.

Albatross said...

You could be right, although it seems like a self-defeating maneuver when the passenger is out cold. After all, when the other person regains consciousness, the conversation would probably go like this:

POLICE: Do you know how fast you were driving when you crashed into the drainage ditch?
SUCKER: What? I wasn't driving. My jerk friend was.
POLICE: Hmmm ...

Besides, them houses are dangerous anyway. They get too close to the road all the time.

Anonymous said...

At least the passenger wasn't one of those inflatable female dolls that the drunk guy was trying to pass off as the driver.

I'm still laughing about the experiment you reported about in which a man in drag tied himself to a bench as a test of humiliation.

Only in San Antonio, only in San Antonio!