Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"Registered Sex Offender Mayor Says He Can Still Run Town"

I must admit, it was the headline of this WOAI article that caught my eye.

A mayor is now a registered sex offender, but says he can still run his town.

The mayor of Poteet, Lino Donato, pleaded guilty to exposing himself and touching underage girls. He said planned to resign. Now, he's changed his mind.

He may indeed be able to run the town, but I wonder how many of his constituents want him to.


Anonymous said...

So he pleads guilty to the charges... and then pulls a Larry Craig?

Whatever happened to old-fashioned integrity and honor in the political arena?

Just what every city wants: a molester for mayor! I think not!

Dave said...

So, I suppose this would rule out the mayor from any ceremonial duties - like attending school plays, graduations and such. He won't be able to attend any little league events or parades where kids may come in contact with him, a registered sex offender. What a great platform to run on!

I'm with SATexan on this: If they let this guy stay in office, it will be like handing the key to the city to Michael Jackson, but only slightly creepier.

Albatross said...

Heh heh heh. Pulling a "Larry Craig"!

Seriously, though, I wonder if the citizens can do a recall vote. If not, they might want to look into enacting such regulations in the future.