Monday, September 10, 2007

"Residents at North Side apartment want slimy pools cleaned up"

Blech! (from KENS-5)

The people who live in the Amber Square apartments want to know why their pools have been left in a sad state of disrepair.

The residents say one of the pools has a few inches of stagnant water and lots of trash, and the other is dark green and disgusting — and the pools have been like this for weeks.

"It smells bad. There's mosquitoes all over the place. It's moldy and dark green," a resident said in a phone call to KENS 5.


The Lynd Company, which manages the apartments, said they plan to turn one of the pools into a playground for children, and they are working on cleaning up the other pool.

A playground for children? An old pool? Besides skaters, who else wants to play in an old pool? I hope they plan on filling it in, at least.

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AlanDP said...

I have seen apartment pools like that all over the city.

The ones I've seen that have been given up on are just filled in with dirt.