Monday, September 24, 2007

"Man Accused of Posing as a Priest - Again"

In God we trust. All others pay cash.


Fred Perry remembers the day they walked into his store. A man and a woman looking for a deal on some of Perry's best pieces of furniture.

"He was dressed as a priest with a collar on," Perry said. "The lady kept calling him, 'The father, the father this, the father that.'"

Perry says the man dressed as a priest was George Persyn. He left with a cherrywood desk and other items and the promise he would pay for the furniture within 30 days. After two months and no sign of the money, Perry got worried and tried to track to people down.

"The Archdiocese, a man there told me to call the San Antonio Police Department, that these people were crooks," said Perry.

Perry now believes his customer is the same George Persyn who was the subject of a lengthy Trouble Shooters investigation four years ago.

"I never represented myself as a Roman Catholic Priest," said Persyn, who talked to News 4 WOAI back in 2003.

Notice he said he never posed as a Roman Catholic priest. Keep in mind that Anglicans and Episcopalians have priests, too.


Anonymous said...

we were able to get George Persyns probation revoked and as a result he will be behind bars for 2 years. In jail terms that is less than 6 mos. But it is something. I also was able to get a charge filed on the case of theft and hope to go to trial in the near future on that matter. George is the type of person that lives on the belief that no one will take time out to go to court. He found the wrong man.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I got ripped off by this guy. Posing as a priest. Sold him a printer I put on Craigslist on or about September of 2012. He told me he'd pay me the rest in 30 days. Never did. He has disappeared mostly. Phone is diconnected. You can find a lot on him just using Facebook. What a low life.