Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Mother and Teenage Son Busted For Selling Drugs From Home"

If the family that plays together stays together, what happens to the family that sells drugs together?

They get arrested together.


A mother and her teenage son were arrested Tuesday for selling drugs out of their home.

Police are calling it a family affair after they raided the home on Morales on the West Side. They arrested Debbie Perez and her son, 18-year-old Edward Ybarra.

Perez admitted to being a part of the operation. But investigators said their main target was her son, who is a student at Fox Tech High School.

Incredible. The mom's out on bail, and the son's still in jail.


Dave said...

Right. I understand that the mother had to get out on bail so as to perform duties as Madam for her 16 year-old daughter's escort service.

Albatross said...

Wouldn't surprise at this point. Nope.