Sunday, September 09, 2007

"Man stabbed during flea market brawl"

For God's sake, don't pay attention to her!

From the Express-News:

Bexar County sheriff's deputies are questioning a 15-year-old girl in the stabbing of a man who reportedly was looking at her while she was with her family at the Poteet Flea Market on Sunday.

Deputy L. Lopez, who declined to give his first name, said the man, 23, looked at the girl "wrong."

A large fight ensued, Lopez said, and it involved the girl, her family, the man, and his group of friends. At one point, a witness told deputies, the teenager was on top of the man, fighting. Seconds later he emerged, stabbed in the cheek.

Them girls are tough down there in Poteet. Make sure you don't look at 'em wrong.

Wait a minute, the deputy that mysteriously declined to give his first name is supposedly from Bexar County, yet Poteet is in neighboring Atascosa County. What gives? Don't they have deputies in Atascosa County?

UPDATE: Mystery solved. Dave from Silver Creek 78250 informs me that the real name of the place is "Flea-Mart", but that people refer to it as the "Poteet Flea Market" because it is off Highway 16 on the way to Poteet. The flea market is, however, still in Bexar County.


Dave said...

The "Poteet" Flea Market is actually just south of Loop 410 off of Highway 16. The real name is "Flea-Mart, but people call it the Poteet Flea Market because it is on the way to Poteet.

And by the way, you really don't want to look at anybody wrong - not just the 15 year-old girls. I once had a 70 year-old gal try a snatch and run on a Miller Lite I was sipping. That place is rough!

Albatross said...

She tried to take your beer while you were drinking it?! Wow. "Brazen" doesn't seem like a strong enough word for that sort of audacity.

Anyway, thanks for the info on the flea market. I know the place you are talking about, but I haven't been inside, and I did not know it was refered to with the "Poteet" designation. Mystery solved.