Monday, September 10, 2007

"Police say body found on North Side is that of hit-and-run driver"

KENS 5 has this sad but strange story.

Police say a body found on the North Side is that of a man who was behind the wheel during a hit-and-run accident over Labor Day weekend.

The body of 34-year-old Raul Cordova was found Sunday. The accident happened on Beacon Avenue, a block from where Cordova was found.

Police say it appears Cordova ran from the accident scene, and tried to jump over a wooden fence. Officers say he somehow got caught in the fence and died.

If he had stayed at the scene, he might have gone to jail, or been deported (the story says his body will be sent back to Mexico), but at least he would have been alive. And, how secluded is this fence that a body can hang on it (or nearby it) for almost a week and no one would notice? According to the video, it was the smell that drew the attention of the family that lived on the lot where Cordova was found.


AlanDP said...

Two comments in one day!

Yes, there are many, many places where a dead body would not be found except for the smell. I've been through a great deal of them.

A lot of people never look in the alley behind their houses and a lot of people can't even see their back fence because of hedges, overgrowth, etc. I've been through alleys that I considered myself lucky to come out uninjured.

Most alleys are just overgrown jungles. Unless you have an alley that is used for garbage pick-up, it most likely is a terrible mess. No one ever goes there except meter readers and someone who wants to escape notice.

Albatross said...

Truly strange. Sounds like you have quite few adventures out and about in the neighborhoods. I hope you are careful, and I hope you never run across that smell too often. If so, I hope it's just a dog.