Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Police arrest KSAT reporter, boyfriend"

Television reporter gone wild (from KENS-TV):

A local television reporter and her boyfriend are out on bond after they were arrested on assault charges.

According to police, KSAT reporter Gina Galaviz and her boyfriend, 46-year-old Ronald Aguillen, were at a bar when she grabbed him by the shirt collar, scratched him, and bit his hand when he didn't want to leave.

According to investigators, Galaviz, 43, left Aguillen at the bar and later went to pick him up at a friend's house. Witnesses told police, the pair got into a fight shortly after she arrived.

This isn't the first time Galaviz has had a little domestic trouble (from WOAI-TV):

Back in 2004, Galaviz claimed that then Councilman [and boyfriend] Ron Segovia pointed a gun at her after she threw a hamburger at him. That case was eventually dropped.

If I remember correctly, Segovia said he didn't point the gun at her, but he did admit to throwing an apple at her.

Such adults.

UPDATE: KSAT-12 has let her go (from Jeanne Jakle at the Express-News):

KSAT-TV has fired police reporter Gina Galaviz a week after she was charged with assault following a fight with her boyfriend.

"Gina is no longer employed at KSAT 12," station spokesman David Cuccio said Wednesday in an e-mail.


Anonymous said...

The big very round woman is untrusting. She is dating a married man and KSAT-12 expected the public to believe that what Gina Galaviz reported was the truth and facts. I don't think so. Sooo sad! Good riddance. The woman obviously enjoys being abused. Well... Mr. Ronald Aguillen is the right man to keep her bruised up and happy. Too psycho! They both need to be locked up and kept away from the general public.

Anonymous said...

Loosers!! What children! Gina likes to mess around with married men and break up family households. What does she expect to happen for. And what about those men committing adultery. What do they expect? They all get what the deserve. What goes around comes around. And Mr. Ronald Aguillen seems to have gotten what he deserves. Problem is that he will probably beat Gina up again or if not her some other poor defenseless women. I hate to think what his wife had to live with.

Anonymous said...

She is the craaaaaazzzy. The gossip queen. Never met a female who is such a I^&$^&#$....Yet she is very good at bashing everybody else. She needs help. Uncle Ronnie was right.

Anonymous said...

She has created more problems and destroyed more families and individuals than anyone I have ever met. Who is she to talk trash about anyone when she is nothing but trash herself? how can she live with herself?

Anonymous said...

Typical Ex Jefferson cheerleader

Anonymous said...

She likes married older men named Ron, now she's married to a Ron, a washed out radio DJ & PBS host on people making big donations for cheap stuff.

Anonymous said...

Can you say crazy! Both of them deserve each other. You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Cisneros was lucky Linda Medlar didn't go postal on him.....