Monday, July 09, 2007

"Diner features Elvis look-alike"

Elvis impersonators--or the very existence of them--are not strange. But this one held off on his dreams until his father died.

From the Express-News:

In homage to the King of Rock 'N' Roll, Juan Manuel Quintanilla adopted Elvis Presley's fashion style several years ago. It's a style that his father, Antonio Quintanilla, forbade him from wearing when he was alive. He honored his father's wishes and dressed like an average guy. But after his father died, Quintanilla slipped on the garb of the man whose cool music thrilled him as a teen.

No longer does he reach for an average pair of jeans or a T-shirt. Indeed, every day he wakes up and clothes himself in Elvis-inspired costumes.


Though he dresses out of the ordinary, Quintanilla seems to have reached the highest stage of self-actualization, said Elizabeth Stanczak, executive director of health and counseling services at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Self-actualization is at the top of noted behavioral psychologist Abraham Maslow's list of essential needs. Others include physical, safety, social and esteem needs.

"He's basically living out something denied as a young person but giving back to the community in an uncontroversial way," Stanczak said. "How much better can life get that strangers smile because of what you're wearing."

As long as he's happy.

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