Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Mountain Lion Sighting Report Closes 3rd City Park"

As if the alligators weren't bad enough, now it seems we have to watch out for cougars, too. At least on the North Side.


SAN ANTONIO -- Eisenhower Park was closed Thursday after another reported sighting of a mountain lion, San Antonio Parks and Recreation officials said Thursday.

The latest sighting occurred Wednesday afternoon at the park in the 19000 block of Northwest Military Drive, officials said.

Friedrich Wilderness Park and Crownridge Canyon Natural Area remain closed after a contractor working on some private property near Crownridge reported an encounter with a mountain lion July 3.

Official[s] said they believe more than one mountain lion was spotted because the parks are on opposite sides of Interstate 10.

Watch out for the big kitties when you go to the park.

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Anonymous said...

I sighted a full grown mountain lion just north of Dietrich Rd, San Antonio. ( sighted from ColemanAmericanMoving, in field just east of truck parking area). Sighted 11-09-09 @ 5:15PM For info or details e-mail