Thursday, July 05, 2007

"Trapped In An Air Duct, Accused Thief Moans for Help"

A man tried to break into a convenience store through the ventilation system, and the police caught him. But they had to rescue him first.

WOAI-TV reports:

"The owner of the store got here and heard some noises coming from the roof," said Sgt. [Lawrence] Walters [of the San Antonio Police Department]. "There is an air conditioning vent up there and he somehow forced it over and climbed down head first in the vent and got stuck inside at the very bottom. It's a very strong vent. It's all made out of metal at the bottom and I guess he wasn't able to push through that."

Investigators aren't sure how long the wannabe crook had been hanging around, but police needed help to get him out, since they couldn't just pull him out by his feet.

"They tried that and he was stuck," said Sgt. Walters. "He just would not come out from the top, so they had to cut out the vent to get him out from the bottom."

The man must have been stuck in there for a long time, because when the police got there he was so miserable he couldn't even tell them his name.
"No, no we still don't have a name all we have is moans," said Sgt. Walters.
"All we have is moans." Classic. I hope the thief thinks twice before trying a life of crime again.

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