Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Three People Pinned Between a Truck and Van"

WOAI reports on an accident involving cars and plumbing. The event was held by the San Antonio Water System to give out low-flow toilets.

Three men are in the hospital, after being pinned between a truck and a van. It happened on Saturday afternoon at the old Albertsons on Highway 151 and Potranco.

After the impact, people were digging through boxes of toilets to get down to one of the SAWS workers who was screaming in pain.


The three men were loading the toilet into a red truck when a white van slammed into them.


The driver of the white van was still in shock when we spoke to him, but he said he thinks the van simply malfunctioned.

"It has to be the accelerator, (it) got stuck," said the driver of the van. "I don't know how, I was just really surprised."

The SAWS workers were hurt, but nothing seems to be life-threatening.


Dave said...

The van driver was surprised? Ya think?

Imagine how the guy pinned to a toilet with a truck felt!

Thank God there wasn't a house nearby.

Albatross said...

Yeah, but guess where toilets go.

In houses!

Not content with domiciles, the vehicles have begun to take out appliances and furniture, too.

Dave said...

Now we're both going to hell.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you two are going to join the van driver to hell.