Thursday, February 07, 2008

"Neighborhood Finds Unique Way To Send City A Message"

I understand being upset if your neighborhood needs sidewalks; San Antonio has a serious shortage of safe places for pedestrians, and I wish there were more sidewalks everywhere. But is this really any way to protest?

WOAI reports:

A message spray painted on a fence on the Northwest Side is getting plenty of attention. The question is -- will it help?

People living near Old Tezel and New Gilbeau are fed up. They feel like something's missing in their neighborhood. So, at least one of them decided to try something a little different to get their message out.

The 'tagged' message is pretty clear, "Old Tezel Road Needs A Sidewalk."

"I think that we've seen a lot of accidents taking place because there is no curb there," explained concerned resident Judith de Santiago. "We see cars swerving into the fences as you're driving."

Geez. What sense does it make to uglify your own neighborhood because you are mad at how slow the wheels at city hall turn?

No sidewalk? Well, put up grafitti on your own fence.

No trash pick-up? Hmm, maybe we can burn a few tires.

Need a streetlight? How about breaking a few windows.

Oh, well. At least it's not my neighborhood.

UPDATE: And, at least they're not in the U.N.


Kels said...

Maybe they figure tagging the fence doesn't matter because a car will break it down anyhow?? In line with the extreme actions, next time little kids cry in a movie theater, why not pass around a roll of duct tape? (I am of course joking... although, the next time I see someone with a 3-13 year old in a rated R HORROR FLICK I may just say something to the parents about their excellent parenting skills)

Kels said...

You do realize at some point I will be in one of these articles you post... "Crazy young certified educator "schools" parents on the effects on children of not finding a babysitter on rated R movie night."

Albatross said...

What's worse is when people have infants obviously not even a year old in any movie. The sound levels inside theaters are so loud, those babies have to be in major discomfort. Folks with small children need to find babysitters if they want to go out, or they need to just resolve themselves to the fact they won't get to see the movie until it comes out on DVD (which is only a few weeks later, in many cases).

Victor Antonio from San Antonio said...

Hi, my name is Victor Antonio. I am the one responsible for tagging the fence with OLD TEZEL NEEDS A SIDEWALK. Only because it does!
I've been walking up and down Old Tezel for years. You guys have probably seen me. I'm the guy with the walking stick that waves at all the cars. I was very upset when they built a new neighborhood before making a sidewalk. Down with Babylon!
I've got beef with that neighborhood, anyway. I grew up in the woods that were there before they were raped by the neighborhood. Those woods were responsible for my appreciation of nature. Hell, I lost my virginity in those woods. Now they're gone.
I have been documenting every detail of my life for six years now. Check out my entries for February 3rd, when I tagged the fence: