Saturday, February 09, 2008

"La Mariposa Draws Protestors"

Oh Lord. Isn't there anything else better to do?

From KSAT-12:

A small group of protestors assembled across the street from La Mariposa, located at the intersection of Guadalupe and Trinity streets.

The reason? Waitresses at the tiny eatery dance suggestively for customers as they serve food, but with no nudity, the restaurant does not fall under the realm of the city's sexually oriented business codes.

"I know you have it guised as a cafe, but do [sic] ahead and place a sign out there on what it really is," one protestor said. "It shouldn't be out in this area near schools. Move it out in an area where there is a business district." [emphasis added]

What's next? A code of conduct for all waitresses in all restaurants in the city?


Dave said...

Yeeesh. What's next? A sweep of HEB stores city-wide to make sure no hot-looking mommies are shopping in the produce section, suggestively looking at cucumbers while perverted old men attempt to pick out a few ripe melons?

Clean-up on aisle three!

Kels said...

LOL, Dave I think that we should band together once they *possibly* close La Mariposa and try and get a Hooters put in the same location... then perhaps they'll look back fondly on the days that La Mariposa was their biggest problem ;-) Oh yes, Edvard... I went there... (I'm in an even more sassy mood having just come home from seeing Juno)

Albatross said...

Kels, were you protesting, or were you sampling the delicious food?

Kels said...

lol... no, no... I just meant, "I went there" in that I went to that place of taking it a step further to teach the protestors a lesson... ;) I would go there, though... and I may just do so this week sometime!

Albatross said...

If you do, I'd like a food report! I am truly interested to know if the food is good, or whether anyone actually tastes it while they are there. :-D