Monday, February 25, 2008

"Groups Protest At News 4"

Kudos to WOAI for reporting their own bad news.

Community advocates and members of a Hispanic labor organization protested at News 4 Monday.

Members of a nationwide labor union called Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAC) are accusing News 4 management of discrimination.

They say because David Cruz is no longer the co-anchor on News 4's 5 p.m. broadcast, the station is ignoring more than half of San Antonio's population, which is Hispanic.

"We want to make sure that you start hiring some Hispanic professionals, and to respect their dignity and their worth, and the work that they're doing at WOAI," said Jaime Martinez, President of L.C.L.A.C.

I wonder what Mr. Martinez thinks of other WOAI news team members, such as Kristina De Leon, Jaie Avila, Maclovio Perez, Demond Fernandez, and Jacqueline Ortiz.


Kels said...

Good question... maybe they aren't "hispanic" in his book... he shouldn't offend good ole Maclovio :)
I don't think Cruz's lack of co-anchoring has anything to do with it... perhaps a shifting of production staff... I have always been under the impression that the anchors are given info by someone else about what they'll report on. But what do I know...? I've picked up all the info I know of newsrooms from watching Ron Burgundy in Anchorman :-D

Andrea said...

so who is the new 5o'clock news team?

Dave said...

Who are these people that get the time off to protest such frivolous events during the day?

Shouldn't they be down at the AT&T Center protesting the disproportionate number of Hispanics to other ethnicities on the Spurs team?

Would WOAI get credit if they hired a guy from Argentina to read the news?

And finally, what sort of credibility would David Cruz feel for himself if he was placed back in the anchor chair, not because fans universally demanded his return because they missed his talented news delivery, but because he was the token Hispanic needed to make WOAI fit some demographic demanded by a bunch of goofy protesters with too much free time on thier hands?