Friday, February 15, 2008

"ACS Makes Largest Animal Seizure in SA History"

Holy cow! How can one person possibly keep track of 111 dogs!

From WOAI:

It's being called the largest animal seizure in the history of San Antonio.

A spokeswoman from Animal Care Services told News 4 investigators got a tip that a woman was housing a large number of animals at a home on the Southwest

During a raid, more than a hundred dogs were found inside the home on Covel Road. All but 13 of the dogs were living inside the house and in extremely unsanitary conditions. Some of them, investigators said, were living in their own waste.

Clearly a case of animal hoarding. Poor woman. And poor dogs.


Kels said...

It's sad... it's a sad situation for the animals (because they can't properly be taken care of), it's sad for the woman... she's probably older, and whether we realize it or not, she loves all those animals and is probably now very lonely without them... *sigh* My great aunt wasn't nearly as bad... but I distinctly remember she had probably 12-15 cats (this was back when I was like, 8 or 9)... the sad thing was, she would go without food to buy the cats food instead. Hopefully they can find good homes for a lot of those dogs and don't have to put them down.

Anonymous said...

You should at least research before making comments about a situation you know very little to nothing about -- no hoarding, animals neutered, it was no situation that ACS had ever encountered before. Healthy and happy dogs. The affinity and control of the dogs amazing and not an "older" person -- although I personally believe the age has less to do with any of it then many other factors. Why don't you try to talk to someone that actually knows her or even her?

Albatross said...

anonymous 10:45:

This is from Wikipedia:
"A hoarder is distinguished from an animal breeder, who would have a large number of animals as a result of their business. According to one study, the distinguishing feature is that a hoarder "fails to provide the animals with adequate food, water, sanitation, and veterinary care, and … is in denial about this inability to provide adequate care.""

This is from the linked story at WOAI:
"All but 13 of the dogs were living inside the house and in extremely unsanitary conditions. Some of them, investigators said, were living in their own waste. ... News 4 spoke to the homeowner's friends Friday afternoon. They say she's rescued animals since 1999 and all of the dogs are strays, found dumped on roadsides. Those friends told News 4 the woman thought she was doing a good thing by caring for animals that nobody wanted, but say she had been overwhelmed recently and was trying to get help from others in the animal rescue community."

Large number of dogs, unsanitary conditions, denial (in that she "thought she was doing a good thing") -- sounds like hoarding to me. It certainly doesn't sound like a bunch of healthy and happy dogs, as you say.

That's the way WOAI reports it. If they are wrong, call them up and get them to do a follow-up to the story. Otherwise, I will comment all I want on what they have already reported.

Kels said...

Go, Edvard, Go!!! Okay, and yeah... I like how they took out my "she's probably older" comment and turned it against you... sorry, btw! I was just going off a very personal experience, and also what I've seen on Animal cops on Animal Planet... alot of that show is taped in Houston... I guess "anonymous" doesn't get that you simply comment on the news reports already out there... you yourself are not a reporter... which I prefer because then I can enjoy the angle of your view... lol

Cindy said...

I personally know the woman involved, and am personally aware of the circumstances related to the removal of the dogs. First, this woman is not a hoarder. She has for several years taken in dogs dumped on or near her property. She vaccinated, wormed, and spayed or neutered these animals at her own expense. Some received other necessary vet care, and some arrived in such poor condition that they had to be humanely euthanized. All but two of the female dogs were already spayed and over 95% of the males were already neutered. All the dogs were in great physical condition and all were obviously well fed. It is not true that all but approximately 15 dogs lived in the house. It is true that while she was at work, most of the dogs were crated indoors. In hot or cold weather, all were secured in either air conditioning or heat. When ACS arrived, most of the dogs were indoors and crated because it was during the work day.

She is the first to note that the number of dogs she was caring for is large, and had actively sought to find homes for them by posting them for adoption, attending adoption events and networking w/local shelters and rescue groups. She never asked that all these dogs be dumped, and spent many, many thousands of dollars to feed and vet them.

Unfortunately, the number of irresponsible people who do not spay/neuter their pets, and/or abandon them when they become "inconvenient" is unbelievable. Bexar County, Texas has the highest rate of abandoned animals of ANY COUNTY IN THE NATION.

The woman spent 3-4 hours each morning before she left to go the work letting dogs out, feeding, etc. After working a full day, she did the same thing each evening. As a consequence, housekeeping did by necessity suffer. I regret that myself and other animal rescuers did not realize how overwhelmed she was, since I have no doubt that we as a group would have pitched in to help.

She is actively working w/ACS to find rescue/foster/adoption placement for each of these dogs. ACS has publically stated that this was not a case of a hoarder, nor were there any sick, malnourished, abused dogs.

And yes, believe it or not, all of the dogs I ever saw in her yard w/her recognized her as their pack leader, and minded her.

Anonymous said...

Cindy you are totally 100% right on! I admit, most hear the word hoarder and automatically think of one profile. The woman with the dogs is far from that. She simply feel through "the system" and believe me, she tried!!! But, one thing she did do is help defenseless animals. She loved them all and still does. Thanks for writing that!

Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right? 4" of dog feces in a cage is just being overwhelmed? Go look at the pictures of crates taken from the premises...then come back and say she meant well. That's denial about the ability to provide proper care.

jj said...

Perhaps if the last "Anonymous" post would provide a location to see these photos....

Happy said...

I have one of the dogs from that house and she is the sweetest dog ever! She is extremely malnurished but we are working hard to get the weight back on her in a quick but healthy manner. She is loving the hugs and attention that she gets from my children. She is also getting along great with the dog we already have. I'm so happy that we can provide a safe and loving home for her. The lady sounds like she was trying to help and god bless her for that. Who wouldn't get overwhelmed by 111 dogs?!