Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Car crashes into home

Well, this hasn't been reported in a while. (from KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO -- A pickup crashed into a home Tuesday morning on the East Side of San Antonio.

A man was traveling westbound on East Houston at 7 a.m. when it hit a curb and then crashed into a front bedroom of a home in the 4200 block of Roark, police said.

No one in the home was hurt.

I initally chose to highlight these instances of vehicular destruction because they seemed to happen quite often in San Antonio, and it was the frequency of the events that I found strange. And then, I got to thinking about it again, and I came to the conclusion that, no matter how often or how seldom it happens, a car actually crashing into a house is still strange. I'm still gonna highlight them.


Rob La Gesse said...

Was this the actual text from the "professional media" site -

"A man was traveling westbound on East Houston at 7 a.m. when it hit a curb"

The man hit a curb? Poor writing - but I love the blog - one of my new local favorites.


Albatross said...

Yeah, Rob, that was actual writing. Check this bit that I noticed on WOAI.

It seems like good writing skills aren't that high a priority when it comes to hiring local journalists.

Kels said...

Wow... yeah, San Antonio's press generally isn't interested in hiring good journalists. I say this because (crazy early childhood teacher that I am) within the last 10 years some woman used an old storybook reference to make a point saying, "like Cinderella who pricked her finger on the spindle..." and I was immediately stricken with horror that she didn't know the various storybook princesses! lol Jeez, even guys probably know the difference :-D

The car-in-house is a pretty crazy concept... when I first started driving and had to pull the car into the garage, I was always afraid I'd accidentally crash into the house... or that when I was leaving I'd have the car in drive instead of reverse. I've never given much thought to how often cars crash into buildings/homes

Albatross said...

Heh heh heh. Yes I do know the difference between Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, but I will never admit why I know!

OK, yes I will admit it. I have a small daughter, and she keeps all the little princesses straight for me.

Dave said...

My complaint is that when we get a good car versus house incident in my jurisdiction (The 78250), it apparently doesn't make the news - or Strange in SA.

Link: http://silvercreek78250.blogspot.com/2008/02/gnwcia-meeting-report-not-much-to-say.html

Albatross said...

I hang my head in shame, Dave. I know there are many more of these instances that don't get reported in the news, but I should have caught in on your blog. Sometimes I don't read as closely as I should.

Mea culpa.