Monday, September 24, 2012

Seeking out HIV

If you see this van cruising your neighborhood ----

---- then you know you're in an at-risk area.

Oh, wait. Never mind. They're just calling out the neighborhoods anyway.
"Now we can reach out into the deep east side, south side and the west side, where there's a lot of barriers to getting to health clinics or to getting testing," explained SAAF Director David Ewell.
(from KENS-5)

What, do they have music playing, like ice cream trucks, to let the neighbors know they're in the area? Do they park and just hawk their services, like food trucks? Seriously, how do they get the people who need testing over to the truck to take the test? I would think most people passing by would have a reaction similar to this guy in the video at the news story link:

I probably would not use it, but I think it's an excellent social resource.

And I think most people who are thinking about getting a test to see if they are HIV positive would rather do so in a more discreet location, so they are probably likely to shun this resource as well, as excellent as it may be. Perhaps it will be useful and helpful in the long run, but I kind of doubt it.

I do like the way they Hispanicized the whole thing by throwing in a gratuitous "¡Ay!" in the thought balloon. Maybe the California outfit that donated it thought us San Antonians would appreciate that little bit.

Thanks, Cali.


Dave said...

They should get another van with a picture of some guy on the side saying, "Don't mind me, I'm just climbing in the back of this van to see if my sancha gave me the clap!" or another that reads, "Good thing my old man is at work, I can find out if the neighbor knocked me up!"

Frankly, this might have worked better with the pictures on billboards in the areas they want to target with a small note on the bottom saying - Look for the van dressed up like a phone company truck where you can sneak in, get your tests and be on your way.

Albatross said...

Hell, maybe they could have just disguised it as a food truck itself. Then they could have parked downtown with the mayor's permission.