Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not behaving ethically

In case you haven't heard, yet, the City of San Antonio's deputy manager sat on a selection committee for a very big contract while at the same time applying for a job at a place where one of the head honchos also runs a company that was bidding on said big contract. He got the job, and the relevant company got the contract.

And now he seems baffled that some people don't find the smell quite right.
Deputy City Manager Pat DiGiovanni said late Tuesday that he made a regrettable, embarrassing mistake by not recusing himself from a committee charged with selecting a construction company for a $300 million Convention Center expansion project because of a potential conflict of interest.

DiGiovanni, 54, said he is drafting a letter to the city's Ethics Review Board that he expects to file this week to determine whether he violated the city's policies.
He served on a bid review committee while negotiating a new job with a nonprofit whose vice chairman has a financial stake in the Convention Center project, the San Antonio Express-News reported last week.


DiGiovanni accepted a job as CEO of the Centro Partnership, a nonprofit created to encourage downtown development, the day before he sat on a panel hearing presentations from four companies vying for the Convention Center project. The panel ultimately recommended the project go to a joint venture of Phoenix, Ariz.-based Hunt Construction Group and San Antonio-based Zachry Corp.
(from the Express-News)

Guess who's vice chairman of the Centro Partnership: David Zachry.

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AlanDP said...

"Did I do that?" Hilarious.