Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Car crashes into restaurant

And there's one less Chinese eatery in town because of it.
An allegedly intoxicated passenger grabbed the wheel of a moving pickup and steered it into a Chinese restaurant on the Northeast Side early Tuesday, where it ignited a fire that heavily damaged the eatery, San Antonio Fire Department and police officials said.

The blue 2002 Chevrolet truck had been headed north on Nacogdoches Road and crashed into the side of Chin San Chinese Restaurant near Wordsworth Street at about 1 a.m., bursting into flames, SAFD Battalion Chief Bill Bochat said.

Driver Jonathan Puga and his passenger Sean Gardner, both 33, were able to get out safely, police said. Puga was treated at the scene for minor injuries and released to relatives.

A police incident report states that Gardner was intoxicated when he called Puga to ask for a ride home. Puga had picked him up and was traveling down Nacogdoches when Gardner said he wanted to go to a female friend's house and yanked the steering wheel, police said.
(from the Express-News)

They used to say, "Don't drink and drive." Now we might be hearing, "Don't drink and ride," instead.


Dave said...

We all know that it is usually the vehicle causing these accidents, but in this case, I think we can agree that at least part of the blame falls with the restaurant. It looked too much like a female friend.

Albatross said...

Yes, and her name was Chin San.

Anonymous said...

Bet you $100 bucks Puga was either drunk or stoned...

Anonymous said...

Yeah right @anonymous! !