Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hiding out

He could always say he was just looking for change.
SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio police officers arrested a man at the Alazan Apache apartments on suspicion of sexual assault, after neighbors told them the man assaulted at least two young girls in the complex, police said.

Officers forced their way into the apartment on Friday evening after the resident refused to allow them inside, enlisting a San Antonio Housing Authority employee to drill through the door lock, then entered with guns drawn.

After searching for several minutes, detectives said they found the man hiding under the cushions of a couch. They said the woman who lives in the apartment was sitting on the couch and insisted no one else was home.
(from KSAT-12)

Just sitting on the couch. By myself. Waiting for you officers to drill through the lock and come in with guns drawn. Nope, nothing unusual here. Carry on.


Dave said...

I wish they could have been more descriptive in how the woman was sitting on the couch. Was she sitting there with a cup of hot tea, casually reading a Better Homes & Garden magazine while wearing a neatly pressed knee length dress, one leg conservatively crossed over the other? I mean, this sort of detail helps better appreciate just how clever she was in attempting to have officers ignore the shape of a man under the cushions of her couch. And by the way, how large a man was this guy? I suspect if he were thin enough to pull off the couch trick, he could have easily fit into a crisper drawer in the refrigerator or perhaps folded himself into the washer.

libraaztec said...