Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hitting you where the sun does shine

Thinking about going "green"? Want to get in on that sweet solar-energy action that lets you save money on your electricity costs? Be careful who you hire to install your system because the second-oldest profession is now in the green business.
"We gave him all of our savings," said homeowner Diana Acosta, who said she hired the contractor who installed the system. "My husband worked so hard to get all this money."

Acosta said she hired Mamadou Barry, of World Sun Technology, to install the [solar] panels. She said she gave him a check for $8,000 and another for $5,448.04 from her savings account to pay for the system.

Acosta said Barry came to her door and told her that her panels had been purchased and then were stolen.

"It was lie after lie," Acosta said. "Then he came crying. He convinced me to buy the other set of panels."

Acosta said she paid for another set of panels with her credit card and that Barry did install them -- badly -- but never paid her back and never paid the electrician who helped install them.
(from KSAT-12)

Don't trust crying contractors.

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