Monday, May 03, 2010

"CPS Caseworker Accused Of Sexual Assault"

Well, this is uncomfortable for the authorities.
SAN ANTONIO -- Police say a Child Protective Service worker was fired after allegations of attempted sexual assault on someone he was supposed to protect emerged.

San Antonio police Sgt. Chris Benavides said the allegations stem back to April 15, when Universal City police picked up a 14-year-old girl for a teen curfew violation.

"It was determined that she had been a runaway from CPS custody," said Benavides. "So, CPS was called back out. The CPS employee picked up our victim, transported her to a motel and attempted to have sex with the teen."
(from KSAT-12)

And, of course, our unequaled mayor jumps right in for the rescue.
However, State Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio) said he's calling for a review of the policies at the department.

"I am going to ask the department to outline what their policies and procedures are for a worker who is in that situation and make sure that we have as airtight as possible policies and procedures to keep this from happening again," said Castro.
The thing is, the employee passed all the relevant background checks. If the allegations are true ("Police said the caseworker has not been arrested, and as of Monday evening, no charges had been filed."), then this may have been his first transgression. If so, there ain't gonna be no new policy that can change what happened.

I only say this because I hate when the first reaction of politicos to any serious situation is to increase regulations. We don't always need a new policy.


AlanDP said...

That's not the mayor. That's the mayor's brother.

Dave said...

Yea, but he looks just like him on a float... Same Same.

Is there ever anytime that a CPS worker would take a 14 year-old to a motel? I mean, is there any such protocol that you could find cause for a misunderstanding of the events? I'm thinking not.

Albatross said...

That's not the mayor. That's the mayor's brother.