Wednesday, May 19, 2010

City going after hookers

If you engage in the oldest profession, watch out! City Council is coming after you.

A new San Antonio city ordinance would allow police to target those known to be working as prostitutes.

Councilwoman Jennifer Ramos' proposal designates areas of focus, called "prostitution free corridors."

So far, the streets that would be targeted haven't been nailed down, but Ramos says Roosevelt and Presa are likely candidates.

(from KENS-5)

But hasn't this activity already been illegal, or is what's different the specific targeting of "known" prostitutes? And what's with the clumsy term "prostitution free corridors"? [Because "free prostitution corridors" would attract a whole lot of the wrong attention. You know that. ----ed.] Yes, but the alternative makes the effort sound clinical, heavy-handed, and entirely overconfident. [Can you think of something better? ----ed.] No. No, I can't.

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